Dog digging for bone

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Learn why dogs dig, and what steps you can take to stop this destructive behavior from being a problem

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pill problem

can I give my dog his pills without the capsule? He is on Amoxicillin 500mg and Im having a hard...

dogs keeping

I have puppy cairn Terrier,Help and guide me how to keep this kind of breed as I have no experience...


My 9year old boxer , hailey, had a stroke. According to our vet the is really nothing we can do,...


 what are your opinions on dental costs etc? Anyone have experience with groomers dental cleaning without sedation ? The costs...

Large lump

My terrier mix will be 16 in November.  She has been having issues off and on with her hips.  On...

Boxer with prostate cancer

Our Boxer will be 8 years old this month and was dx. last week with prostate cancer.  The specialist informed...

Senior cat needs to gain weight!

I really could use someone's wisdom to make my 16 year old black domestic short hair cat fat!She's healthy and...

Cat Sudden Death

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was...

Large dog needs large healthy chews

Hello everyone, I have been in the market researching about healthy chews for large and x-large dogs but haven't really...


Looking to stud my male pug Muzy, he has a dark color fawn coat, which by the way is an unusual color....


Looking to stud my male pug Mugzy. He is a dark color fawn, people say he has a unusual color. 11/2 yrs of age....

My beloved ginger girl Tomita passed away

Hi all,  Our much loved kitty, named Tomita (we changed the name from Tommy once we realised she was a...

Cat experiences shared

I was reading through the blogs how people were hurt from the passing  of theirsweet pets. It is hard to lose...

Chronic pancreatitis

my chihuahua has chronic paratenitis and is on ID diet, and has meta am and cerinia occasionally for his flares;...

sudden death

On Tuesday I came home from work and found our beautiful 2 year old Leon dead. I've found comfort here...

Knee braces for dogs

Hi all! I'm looking for opinions on dog knee braces. I had found the Ortocanis dog knee brace and wanted...

Unresponsive Dog

My mom's dachshund dog I think it almost 2 was appearing not to be breathing in the middle of the...

Aussie puppy

How do I tell if my puppy is a female or male?

come home from work my cat was gone

I came home for lunch and my cat Nina was just fine and when I got home about 4 hours...

Any cheap solutions to remove fleas from dog?

Hi, I'm Chris, I'm new here, I'm a volunteer for an animal rescue charity in Cebu, Philippines.  I recused 2...

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